My Morning Routine (it only takes 10 minutes!)

My morning routine,

As a single mom of 4 with multiple businesses I am always busy. I mean BUSY! Like barely a minute to brush my hair busy!

When I first learned the importance of setting myself up for success in the morning I admittedly thought “yeah right, this is for people who are not crazy busy single moms”.  The thought of taking even a minute for myself before starting the morning craziness getting four children up and ready for their day sounded like something only available to celebrities with multiple nannies and assistants employed to support them.

I was wrong, boy was I wrong!  I had it backwards, in reality the ONLY way I can continue to support my 4 little humans financially and emotionally is to make sure my head is “in the game”.  A morning routine can be quick and to the point or long and leisurely depending on your daily schedule.  Below I will lay out the main components of a morning routine that will get you vibrating on the level of all that you want and the best part is that it only has to take a few minutes!

This ideally starts right before I go to sleep I keep a small notebook by my bed and try to write down 5 things I am grateful for before I nod off. When I wake up I jot down another 5 things I am grateful for so that I start my day off in gratitude as well.

Ok, I can hear some of you groaning ” I’m just not the meditating type” I get it, I didnt think I was either!  Its simple, meditation is simply a time of quieting your mind, at the very least I will set a timer for 5 minutes and simply focus on my breath.  Believe it or not, Ive had some of my best ideas come to me after a short meditation!

I am a spiritual person, so for me it is easy to send off love and gratitude to a higher power, God, Spirit, The Universe, whatever you want to call it I spend a minute or two saying a short prayer of thanks and I ask Spirit to show me any steps I need to take to achieve my highest and greatest calling.  If you are not a spiritual person you may simply choose to offer up thanks to the Universe for always conspiring to help you achieve all that you want and rightly deserve.

Lastly I try to read from a book about upleveling your money consciousness (such as The Divine Law of Compensation)or if I am short on time I search for a quote about being in alignment with all that serves my highest good.  Sometimes Ill listen to a podcast about wealth consciousness on my way to whatever meeting I may have that morning.  The idea of wealth consciousness is complex and something Ill spend more time explaining in a later blog, but simply put you want to get yourself into the mindset that you are worthy of wealth and that money is not good or bad, but rather it is energy that flows to you and through you as you do your sacred work in the world.

There you have it! My version of the morning routine that can take as little as 10 minutes if you are short on time.  I find that this process of Gratitude, Meditation, Prayer, and Wealth Consciousness really sets me up for a productive day!

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