How To Succeed Whether You’re Selling Nuclear Weapons or Potatoes

People often ask “how can you run a water damage company and a nanny placement agency and be successful at both?” The answer is surprisingly simple. There are 3 key factors in the equation to owning a successful business:

Team Building: Have polite, compassionate, helpful employees answer your phones:

With the right team behind you, providing stellar customer service is all that more achievable. You’ll work harder and more hours in the beginning, but the payoff is great. Having jobs complete in a timely manner is also key. One thing to remember is that saying, “People won’t remember what you said, but they will remember how you made them feel”. Put that saying into daily practice, make it a mantra for yourself and your employee.

Know Your Customer: Understand What They Want

Understanding what the customer wants cannot be stressed enough. For example, with regard to my water damage companies, ACME Flood and DRIP Restoration, compassion is critical to making my customers feel understood and cared about. After all, this is their home or business the customer is calling about — generally the customer is stressed out and upset. Handling the customer’s concerns with care and compassion is of the utmost importance. With regard to my nanny placement agency, Bella Bambino Nannies, the obvious factor here is that you are finding a caregiver for the customer’s child. Is there anything more important than that? At Bella Bambino, we get on the customer’s level and relate to them. Work until the perfect candidate for the position is found, and give your customer continual updates by touching base. Find a key element within the customer’s concerns to relate to in order to lay the foundation for understanding.

Create Value: Fill Customers Needs to seem valuable

Too often people get hung up on the type of business they run or would like to run. Yes, of course product knowledge is indispensable. But its customer service that wins out in the end, as well as building relationships with vendors and suppliers. At ACME Flood for example, relationships with plumbers is key to success — for everyone involved. Successes trickle down to the plumbers, who in turn will refer clients to ACME. Building a solid reputation on problem-solving and providing solutions will carry your company a long way and add to your bottom line.

The only edge is make people feel confident that they will be understood and taken care of; your customer needs to trust you.

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